Gaming the Classy Way
First Logo
Created by Van 'MrTopHat' Yoho, Taylor 'TheTman33' Gray
Date Created January 7th, 2014
Current Hosts Van 'MrTopHat' Yoho, Alex, Max Dreckpohl

Gaming the Classy Way is a webshow/YouTube channel originally created and hosted by Van 'MrTopHat' Yoho and Taylor 'TheTman33' Gray. The show would consist of them playing video games while recording live commentary. The channel was created on Youtube November 7th 2013, but the first episode didn't air until January 7th 2014. After about a little more then 7 months Taylor had left the channel in order to pursue other opportunities. He was replaced by Alex shortly after his leave. Max joined the show co-hosting with Alex after Van had left for Japan. On January 3rd 2015, they announced that they would be taking a small break and ending Season 1. They have released that they will be returning on January 26th 2015.

Other Shows Edit

Gaming the Classy Way has not just hosted there own show, but have started a few other sub shows all connected to the channel. Some shows have shown to be successful while other have either failed or stopped for other reasons.

List of Gaming the Classy Way Shows(By order of creation):

History Edit

Gaming the Classy Way was created because of a sparked idea that had popped into Van's head. Van had tried creating many shows before this one, but they were all deemed a failure by his part. Some of the shows and channels named were: Iced Tear Productions, Iced Tear Games, YWu Productions, and MrTopHat1258(As a personal channel). His last show was ended shortly because he was running out of creative juice and just didn't know what to put out. About half a year passed before Van came up with the idea of hosting a gaming channel. He contacted one of his good long term friends Taylor who was helping him host his minecraft server at the time, and they contemplated and improved the idea. They decided on the name Gaming the Classy Way which terms from there idea of 'Gaming' with the concept of Van other name 'MrTopHat'. The concept of the show contradicts its self by usually being the opposite of classy.

The Gaming the Classy Way channel was created on November 3rd 2013, but they didn't start uploading until January 7th 2014. The start of the channel was very small, but started expanding slowly. It wasn't until May 3rd 2014 when they posted their Clash of Clans Karaoke Challenge that caught the attention of a good crowd, and the developers. Their subs got a huge surge during this time, and even though they didn't win, they were featured in the Clan Wars Thank You page twice while others were only shown once. Currently, the channel has over 350 subs and over 35,000 total views.

Season 1 Edit

Early on in Gaming the Classy Way, Van and Taylor focused on games they knew they could play for good lengths of time.


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